Welcome to picchiofanatico, our adorable mascotte!

We are a company formed by a few guys, fans of wargames and hobby modeling in general.

We started collecting and painting Warhammer models in 2004 (that’s also when we started playing, which we still do). In 2012 we decided to start this modeling and painting enterprise, focusing on the Fantasy Medieval world but also on futuristic one, without forgetting the creation of scenic elements or the Historical

We also manage a gaming club where we experiment new rules and ways of playing, having fun and studying the feasibility of homemade rulesets – a very fun exercise!

We will always try to offer favourable prices, affordable for everyone; being a gamer ourself we understand the difficulty of gathering good pieces for one’s army (or for one’s hobby, more generally) at honest prices.

Here the direct link to our shop:


Lots of other items our deposit: accessories, boxes, blisters, miniatures (painted and not)… do not hesitate to ask! Please, have a look at our feedback on eBay: reliability and customer satisfaction are our first priority!


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